What I’m About Now

For those of you who have read my blog the entire way through, you will know that it started as a class project. Like any good experiment (it’s aliiiive!) the course of the material has altered significantly as I passed from one liminal space into something more concrete.

When I began writing this blog, I was essentially homeless and a full-time student in my last quarter of required classes. I had a place to keep my stuff, but to avoid sharing a wall with a neighbor who beat his girlfriend at night, I couch-surfed for a month before leaving for good. Because I broke my lease, I couldn’t get a new place, so I stayed on my sister’s couch and eventually took over the spare room. I also had to deal with two months’ worth of harassment by a no-account slum-lord whose company had such a bad reputation that they lost their offices and had to change their name.

While I was still couch-surfing, I met my now-boyfriend-whom-I-am-disgustingly-cute-and-retardedly-in-love-with Uji, who taught me sign language and how to not be such a stubborn battleaxe.

Now I am a battleaxe who compromises and lets other people help her do hard stuff.

I graduated from Western and quit my job at the writing center, and have taken what I am assured is a well-earned hiatus from stuff in general. Uji and I have a house that we are turning into a home, with pear trees in the backyard, a view of the woods, and a neighborhood full of kids to come trick-or-treat on Halloween, which is rapidly drawing near as I write this.

Now, I realize that because I’ve grown less flighty and life is sort of stabilizing (for now) it may seem as though this blog has reached its logical conclusion.

The problem with ending it is that I like writing in it.

There’s plenty of things that are still spaces between in my life, like where I will be attending grad school, where I will find work, new and bizarre things that Uji does now that he’s sharing a house with a woman, and of course LOTS of new happenings with my  crazy-assed family.

Stay tuned.


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