A Harvest Moon part 1

Something that most people know about me is that I am mildly obsessed with Star Wars. When I was a kid, it was worse. I didn’t have the action figures, and I didn’t really read a lot of the fanfic that came out after the original movies were re-mastered, but I knew every line of my dad’s VHS copies and I had read my mom’s paperback novelization of “A New Hope” until the damn cover fell off.

Naturally, when I was fourteen, my Uncle Cheese introduced me to Spaceballs.

I discovered recently that Uji is the way about Spaceballs that I am about Star Wars. He and his brother Rob are sitting in their parents’ den watching clips from the blu-ray with the captions on. We have just finished eating a white lotus mooncake from Chinatown in Seattle, where Uji and I went yesterday at the invitation of Suzy Q and Suzy Q’s man-friend.

Every year, Popo sends somebody to the Chinese bakery where she worked when she was my age to get her mooncakes for the first full moon of fall. She likes the white lotus kind with no egg yolks. Suzy Q likes those and the red bean kind, also without egg yolks. She assures me that the yolks, which are hard-boiled , candied, and baked into the cake, taste a little like chocolate-flavored chalk. At any rate, I’m perfectly content to eat mooncakes minus egg yolks, because they are still mooncakes and there is nothing in the world that is quite like a mooncake. They’re dense, sweet without being cloying, and they’re so rich that a slice the size of a green grape is enough to satisfy even my sweet tooth. Each one is also beautiful in form, and they look like entirely too much work unless you happen to have a Chinese bakery kitchen and staff at your disposal.

In tow with us for dim sum lunch and Popo’s mooncake expedition was the Munchkin, who has just started preschool. Poor kid caught something while we were down there and she was cranky most of the time, until she started running a fever and laughing hysterically, at which point we decided it was time to get her home and into a bath. She and I watched “Fantastic Mr. Fox” on Suzy Q’s ipad on the drive back (that movie is amazing) while Uji nerded on his smart-phone. Suzy Q busted into a box of mooncakes (they come in different sizes, so she bought a box of small ones specifically to raid in the car) and made us all eat one.

That woman is bad for my cholestorol.

Because Gemma has started preschool and I’ve been preoccupied with one thing or another all summer, I’m finding myself out of work for the first time in five years. To be honest, it’s a little unsettling, but I have enough saved up that I can afford to piddle around for a little bit (not a big bit. My ego would never withstand being useless for longer than I have to be.) I’m glad the Munchkin’s in school; she needs to be around kids her own age and there’s only so much I can come up with to entertain her at home. We did have a Kitty Day, though.


Honestly, I’m kind of glad I have nowhere that I have to be at the moment–because tomorrow, Uji and I get the keys to our very own house.

More about that in part two.


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