Facebook Suicide

This is probably not the most appropriate of terms for deleting one’s social networking account.

It’s actually in reference to The Boondocks, which I watch off and on.

Sharing something with one person on Facebook is sharing it with every Ginger you and the other person have ever “friend-ed” between the two of you.

But due to the recent diatribes of two Soulless Gingers (redheads, for the more civilized folks who don’t watch Southpark,) and from reading stuff at work about the way new technology is warping our little minds, (not all of which I agree with, but the author’s point is nothing to sneeze at,) I’ve realized that yes, in fact, Facebook HAS changed the way that people do stuff and say stuff, and that in my case, I don’t like it.

The first Soulless Ginger was some idiot friend of my step-brother from high school, who said idiot stuff about idiot politicians,and the ONLY reason I had to see it was because he was “friends” with one of my friends, who lives in Texas and spammed her wall with his uninformed, “I-failed-civics” ideology. We will NOT be discussing politics on my blog, by the way; it’s rude where I come from.

Now, I know what you will all say– “You can block people on Facebook!”

Unfortunately, Blocking someone on Facebook is no remedy to one’s own foolishness.

The second Soulless Ginger is actually a good friend of mine, who reamed me for something tactless that I had posted on a friend’s wall, which I thought was relatively harmless at the time. After I went up one side of him and down the other for getting all up in my business, he told me to read back what I had written when I was calm. I did so, and I realized that yeah, the whole debacle was douchey as hell, and that no, I did not in fact want to become a douchebag by participating in the trite bullshit that is the Facebook thought process.

Which means I’ll be posting a lot of random weird stuff here for your amusement–blog posts require proofreading and therefore they require forethought.

Expect Cthulu humor.



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