One Ping Only

I know it’s been ages since I’ve posted a thing, and I wanted to let anyone who actually reads this rag to know that yes, in fact, I am still alive. I’m too full of spite to die.

I’ve gotten into the busy part of the quarter at school, and after a five-day stint of doing minimal homework in order to be a good friend/family member/etc. I discovered that I had a draft due the next day that I had HAD YET TO BEGIN RESEARCHING.

My teacher gave me two days, in which I posted a “LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE” notice on my now-defunct Facebook account and–much to the chagrin of my poor, neglected boyfriend–holed up for two days with no company.

I explained to him  that this was a normal part of any student’s life (and wondered how he went through school without having to do that) and that it usually only happens to me when something is late.

It’s over now; I’m bringing the paper in for feedback in about fifteen minutes and re-adopting the habit of studying every day for a minimum of three hours. Considering I have a three-hour break between classes and there’s usually about three hours where the writing center is dead-empty, it works out even on days I want to do stuff.

My friends are still important to me–they just get to wait until I’ve done my homework.

So, remember, folks, when I go away like this, it’s not forever–even the Red October came up for air eventually.


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