The Four Pillars of Stupid That Held Up Today

I have come to the conclusion that the entire world has been replaced with an alternate world, in which everyone has lost their damn mind.

Stupid Number One:

Suzy Q spent half the night on Saturday in the ER with Popo because of how sick she was. She had to listen to a rich man’s family bitch about everything under the sun, including the crying of sick children and the brand of water the hospital stocked, while she waited with her mother, in a wheelchair becuase she couldn’t move, to be seen by one of the overworked doctors. The worst part: when Popo finally got a bed, it was next to the rich man, who had suffered a stroke and who was concerned that he would not be able to go to work Monday to provide for his family.

Stupid Number Two:

The property company from the old place sent my father a registered letter demanding $1300 dollars by Friday to keep my family out of court, in spite of the fac tthat the place has already been rented out and the bastards kept my deposit. I’m paying them so I  can focus on school, and when I have my diploma in hand, I’m diverting a good portion of my energies to bringing down the system that allows this to happen.

I’ve decided the next step is a human rights documentary, focusing on how businesses turn a profit from condoning domestic violence and then punish those who try to stop it. It’s a bigger issue than just my problem with the place; the things that made me move out are still going on, which means that someone is still getting beat in that apartment on a regular basis and no-one is stopping it. Stay tuned–I’m working on a way to incorporate it into my bid for grad school.

Stupid Number Three:

There are still men in the world who think it’s acceptable to equate a woman with a slave or an object that aren’t just some cockroach living in the attic of a run-down student ghetto house. One of my co-workers posted a picture on her facebook profile, which sparked a HUUUUUGE shitstorm, mostly becuase some moron decided to comment, “your chain should only be long enough to reach the kitchen or the bedroom.” To which I and several other replied in so many words that we thought if he had to chain a woman down it was because he was commonly considered un-fuckable. I have to say, I might have got a leetle defensive of my co-workers…

Aaaaand Stupid Number Four:

I had to break up an altercation at work.

I work in a writing center.

I understand that people are stressed out because of finals, but Jee-ZUS.

Allow me to go into second person for a moment, to give you the run-down of what happened:

Is there a problem here? Oh, your tutor offended you? Ok, who did you have? Alright, I’ll go talk to him. Let me see if I can find someone that isn’t the tutor you were working with before him, because she says you two are kind of stuck…Hey, hang on, he’s trying to apologize–HEY! Deep breaths. Let’s have you turn and face the computer and calm down, and you go over there, and we’re all gonna chill a minute.

What I wanted to say was a little different:

That tutor you blew up at? Was taking over for the one you ran ragged for nearly an hour trying to help you while you picked your nose with our pencils. His response? Was to try and apologize to you. Your response? Was to get aggressive with not only him, but with your original tutor, who sat back down to try and help your dense ass. Be glad you didn’t step to me.

But of course, I didn’t say any of that. Instead, I sent the tutor after our boss to get him out of the room, kept an eye on the student, who my co–workers pointed out to the learning center director to deal with, and went back to work with an apology to the student I left hanging to deal with that bullshit.




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