Blogalicious: The Creme de la Creme

I am an expert in blogging.

Supposedly, this is what a blogosphere looks like. I think it looks like a jellyfish

Okay, that it a TOTAL lie, but I’m being asked to qualify what little knowledge I have about blogs, the characteristics thereof that make a blog successful (or not,) and how they serve as a litmus test for society its own self (or not.)

I have this BRILLIANT strategy for doing this—By which I mean, I am doing what someone else tells me to do because I really don’t know how to establish my credibility with a blog. This is why I’m in a class about blogging.

Anyway, the Professor’s BRILLIANT strategy involves deciding which of my classmates’ blogs falls into the “best of” the following six categories. So here goes.

Best Personal Blog:

I Dream In Milligrams. I like the paint shop graphics and the truly effed up dream diary. The best part: The non-dream stuff is JUST AS WEIRD. I love me some ridiculous non-fiction. I feel it qualifies my own experiences as marginally normal.

Best Design/Visuals:

Six And A Writer. Charity has this stuff down. The pictures are all great, the layout is squeaky clean, the content is intriguing and thoughtful, and the way her home page is set up allows a reader to explore different topics without the necessity of scrolling down the page…Like my format…which drives me insane…

Best Hobby/Specific Interest:

TO be honest, this one was a wrench. I had two choices off the top of my head and after reviewing them, I have to give this one to Hyperderby. Hyperbully’s accounts as a beginning derby girl are both entertaining and informative, and are generally accompanied by great visuals.

As an honorable mention, I’d like to point out 10 years And Counting, yet again, for making me laugh hysterically with every new post. The topics range from baseball to goofy web videos to anecdotes about going to the movies with children.

Most improved Blog:

I’m giving this one to the Bloggosaur, who has branched out from his original pokemon-based entries to pokemon-based humor and things related to. He’s also dead funny.

Most Interactive Blog:

10 Years And Counting. Nearly every entry has a video to be watched or a link to go to outside of the blog site.

“Most Likely To Succeed”:

This one was tough. I saw a few that I could see sticking around, and the one I have to go with is Kacie’s Kinship, because of its consistency, the amount of work she has put into the blog in posting, format, and research into the topic of kinship families. It’s a personal blog, and it’s also got the potential to become a valuable resource for people looking to know more about kinship families. Kacie includes statistics, links to other resources, and of course, her irreplaceable expertise as a member of a kinship family.

Now, as to how this establishes my credentials as a blogger, I’m not sure. I suppose being involved in this kind of writing community has changed the way I look at what a blog ought to be. Back in the day of  UJournal (remember those?! I had one…) a blog was an online diary that teenagers usually had under a different name, and it was a place where you could pour out your teen angst.

Now that I’ve actually got people reading my work, it’s less about what I feel and more about what happens around me. I’m not so much talking about my life as what goes on around me (with the exception of Bitchy Sunday. That’s totally me venting.)

It’s also given me a civilized way to inform the people around me that there’s more to the picture than they generally see—I’ve got a job, I go to school, and I have zero privacy whatsoever, so if I seem a little left-field…there’s probably a damn good reason.

To put the shoe on the other foot,  I’ve had the opportunity to gain a little insight into some of my classmates’ lives that I would have never gotten if this were a typical, on-paper writing course. Family pictures don’t get put into assignments. Neither do people’s favorite internet memes. With the blogosphere, I’m beginning to gain a little more insight into some f my classmates’ thought processes, particularly concerning their writing.

This is exciting to me, because my job as a tutor and my prospective field of study both revolve around that process.



4 thoughts on “Blogalicious: The Creme de la Creme

  1. Naomi says:

    At least we are armed guinea pigs. Where did you find that picture?

  2. “It’s a personal blog, and it’s also got the potential to become a valuable resource for people looking to know more about kinship families. Kacie includes statistics, links to other resources, and of course, her irreplaceable expertise as a member of a kinship family.”

    Thanks for the vote of confidence in my lofty goals for the direction of my blog! I have always felt connected to your blog due to the similar mix-and-match families we live in. I really hope to keep reading after class ends!

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