Why Koshka Is My Friend

Koshka is a disciple of the Wu.

When he was in high school (pre-gay outage,) Koshka went to one of those non-denominational churches with a rock band. He was one of the kids that set up chairs before the service. In spite of my upbringing, in which my parents raised me to be tolerant and respectful of other people’s religions, my role as the official Bad Influence among Koshka’s friends obligated me to tease him:

“Heheh. You were a Jesus kid.”

“Hardly, My friends and I used to sing Wu-Tang Clan lyrics to the tune of the hymns.”

“That’s rad.”

“Ain’t nothin’ to fuck with.”

This is why we’re friends.


2 thoughts on “Why Koshka Is My Friend

  1. kmpoffenroth says:

    This is fantastic and brought me smiles.

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