Bitchy Sunday: Dammit, World!

I realize that I haven’t done a great job about sticking with a regular post, but since it’s Sunday, here’s my sermon:

At any given time, under my current roof, there will be the following:

  • Television
  • At least one child making racket
  • At least one computer being used (and therefore someone typing, which makes noise. I have to use headphones so I don’t hear my own fingers on the keys.)
  • At least three adults at home
  • A dysfucntional cat doing something dysfunctional (i.e. vomiting, climbing unstable structures which go crashing to the ground, seeking attention by yowling at passers by.)

Normally, this is ok (with the exception of the computer keys–it’s on par with plastic crackling and toddler tantrums in terms of noises I hate) and I consider all of the above to be a part of the chaotic atmosphere that makes up my beloved family’s home.

Today, however, I have approximately seventy-two hours until I have to present something akin to my final project before a jury of my peers my classmates.

Dammit, Family.

Also, I want to get this stuff done, because I have a date to teach Uji how to make curry.

Dammit, Boyfriend.


I’m already stressed because that damned ex-landlord has now taken to leaving harassing messages on my voice mail, for the express purpose of insulting my intelligence. No name. Nothing to do with his nonexistant legal beef with me. Just nasal attacks on my understanding of German, of which he has none.

He’s what Farzan calls “Foolish People.”

Dammit, foolish people.

Also, my dad wants me to house-sit again. During finals week.

Of course I have to tell him no.

I don’t want to–I like being a dutiful daughter, because my dad is a staunch supporter in the majority of my efforts (including having dealt with my horrible ex-landlord last month, when he started bullying my family because I had left.)

But I want even less to have to drive sixty miles a day to and from that cold house while trying to pull the last of my academic shit together. Not to mention it will interfere with other things, like time with other parts of the family and time with Uji, who all deserve to not be neglected as much as I can manage during finals week.

Dammit, Dad…


3 thoughts on “Bitchy Sunday: Dammit, World!

  1. Aaaand dead week is officially here. Try not to stress too much! Maybe stay on campus a little longer and work in the library? We are so close (yet so far, it seems like). Also, I’ve had to ignore my boyfriend this entire weekend in an attempt to get my shit together, academically speaking, and I feel so bad about it. But they’ll understand. If not, I plan on making him cookies as a peace offering–which always works. Good luck!

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