Der Prozess (it’s funny becuase it actually means “trial.”)

It’s crunch-time…

Today’s post is a little ramble through my process (such as it’s been) in putting together the final project for English 455.

So far, what I’ve done is to go through what I’ve posted here, take entries that have a somewhat coherent narrative line, and discovered that I actually have two.

In light of this, I’m going to compile both anrrative lines into a book–one side will revolve around my household and include things like the trailer saga, Beelzebub, etc. and the other will revolve around all the crazy shit I do when i’m not at home.

Out of the suggested options we were presented with, expanding the blog into a greater work seemed sort of redundant–this is a work-in-progress, one which I intend to keep up after the class ends.

Writing a book proposal seems a little premature. Maybe after I’ve been writing the blog for six months, I’ll try my hand at it.

This leaves me with making a book.

The two narrative lines impoly there ought to be two parts. I think, since the two narratives take place during the same time period, that neither should be part one. Rather, I will place the narratives opposite one another, and bind the pages so that each thread appears to be upside-down compared to the other, and they meet in the middle.

There are, of course, several challenges.

The first is my artistic ambitions’ tendency to get in the way of progress. Much of the time, I envision things that I don’t give myself time to accomplish. Yes, I’d love to have color-coded borders and hand-drawn illuminations on every page (albeit doodles rather than some medievalist maaasterpiece) and I’d love to bind it all by hand and make some truly bitchin’ cover art.

But that will only happen if I’m able to get my manuscript together in a timely fashion.

time will be the nexy challenge.

Finally, it will be really difficult to do all of this if I’m trying to keep this oversized , overly curious destructo-baby from deleting the blog entry where I tell you about it because she wants to play with the mouse.



3 thoughts on “Der Prozess (it’s funny becuase it actually means “trial.”)

  1. Naomi says:

    I’m so happy that you intend to continue your blog. I am now picturing it with those little monsters you used to doodle saying “Ka-bleh” in the margins. Those monsters are what I picture when you say “hand-drawn illuminations.

  2. Destructo-baby! Gotta watch out for them.
    This will truly be a fascinating project, especially as it will show us how blog writing and other forms of writing can intertwine, intermingle, intersect, intermarry, interrogate…. (okay. I’ll stop now…)

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