Behind the Camera Explained

All righty, ladies and germs

The much-anticipated explanation has arrived! 😀

Over the weekend, I got drafted into another wild and crazy adventure.

My long-time friend Buck is a filmmaker. He, along with a few writers in Bellingham, have put their heads together and are WRITING A TV SHOW!!! Be excited.

Anyhow, with many talented folks assisting and starring, (including Suzy Q, Evie Squeezie, and local band Black Beast Revival) the fabulous crew filmed a promotional short and their PILOT EPISODE this weekend! Squee, squee, squee.

The show will be called the Whatever Show.

Initially, I was asked to fill in as an extra, should I be needed, and spent Friday evening hanging out with the gang in a telethon-setting, in which my class notebooks were scrawled in by the other actors. Hence the pooping duck with the heart. There are other drawings, but they do not fall into the realm of class-appropriate images…

While sitting in the KVOS TV station, I had a chance to chat with the other extras, most of whom I knew previously. the fellow behind me, however, was someone I had not met before.  I complimented him on his snazzy, vodka-molecule liquor flask (a prop for the shoot) and found myself chatting via notebook because he is deaf.

He goes by Uji. He’s a visual designer and artist, and the fire-tree-hand thingy with the heart  the three-headed skeleton with the mace tail and the heart is his work–a copy of a still from a silent, animated short he’s currently working on. Now, I’m normally fairly awkward talking to men, but I’m a passable writer, so I found myself in a pleasant conversation with him on paper and through gestures. I decided I would learn some phrases in sign language so I can look him in the eye when I speak to him, because it’s polite, and he seems the gentlemanly sort. >_> I’m not as eloquent with my hands, I’m afraid, but he’s very patient with my ridiculous attempts. I’m currently working on learning “How was your day?”

The Whatever Show centers around the last remaining variety show on television. The pilot episode uses the Bellingham Theater Guild as a set, so there are plywood castles in the background of some of the shots–part of the set of their coming production of “Becoming Eleanor,” about the rise of Eleanor of Aquitaine.

It’s based mostly in absurdist comedy and features local acts and a lot of ridiculous. Take the guy in whiteface. You can’t see it in the pictures, but he winds up with clown makeup, including a red goatee, and winds up lying over a greenscreened platform with the producer standing over him. About which Uji commented, “Romeo and Juliet.”

As with most of Buck’s productions, the tireless crew filmed long into the night. At one point, Suzy Q’s character, who sports a red bike helmet for liability reasons, dangles out of a doorway to nowhere that’s about thirty feet off the ground. Nieru, the skinny, grinning guy in the pink shirt, tosses a dozen coffee cups into the air and throws a jacket on like a reverse-Superman. My feet get featured in an improv sketch.

It’s three in the morning before I hit the hay on a Sunday night, grateful that I have afternoon classes.


9 thoughts on “Behind the Camera Explained

  1. I have never managed to watch anything on KVOS. I don’t know if I’m just… dense… but I’ve never noted how you actually access the shows.

    Make sure you keep us updated on how we might access your feet’s fifteen minutes of fame!

    Good luck in sign language… I only know the alphabet!

  2. Kyle says:

    This is so cool! I need to check it out! xD
    Also, maybe Uji can teach me and my partner some Sign. He’s deaf, and we both know some, but we’re nowhere near fluent… xP

  3. Finch says:

    This does sound like another awesome adventure and I look forward to learning more. I wish I had cable (of any sort) so I could watch this. But alas, I am poor and can barely afford internet.

  4. dennistheman says:

    Making a television show? Potentially being awesome?

  5. You know the most INTERESTING people. It’s so great getting the teaser of the photos (we make our own story) and then get your story, so we have to revise our own. I want to learn sign language too, mainly because my good friend just adopted a two year old deaf boy from China. I love the image of you conversing on paper.

  6. Alison Ulie says:

    What a cool experience! I hope I can see you on the tele!

  7. Natalie says:

    Heyyy I think my friend Hunter might be involved in that (my facebook stalking tells me). Sounds awesome!

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