Why I stand BEHIND the camera

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I’ll leave these to your imagination and explain them in a future post.






I drew none of the pictures this time. I had nothing to do with the whiteface. I’ll explain everything later, I swear.


7 thoughts on “Why I stand BEHIND the camera

  1. Kyle says:

    Consider my breath bated. xD

  2. I have many thoughts. I am itching for the answers!

  3. Also, if ANYONE knows how to keep things on WordPress consistent from computer to computer, I would appreciate the inside scoop. I’ve seen the text in this entry do three different things today and I DO NOT LIKE IT. >:[

  4. This is a great preview, and a way to build suspense!
    I have the same question about font stability. From what I’ve looked up, the only way to fix is to invade the html code.

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