Sunday Snippets: Moving, Rupocalypse, and My Mad Kitchen Skillz


Pried the boys loose from their computers because there was a TV show about outer space on and it seemed like the lesser of two evils. Kali has decided that Demonic is developing an addiction based on how much he asks to be on the computer. I think this is kind of funny, since she smokes cigarettes.

It's not just my family--Everyone on Earth is a Galactic Hillbilly.

Also, since it was my turn to cook, I got the family to try Pasta Primavera! (I WILL CONDITION THEM TO LIKE HEALTHY FOOD…. O.o) …It seemed like a good dish because it had stuff the kids would eat, a familiar spice palate, and it has tomatoes as a key ingredient. They are out-of-season, but I LOVE ME SOME TOMATOES.



The Dork-In-Law is amazing because he helped me get my stuff out of the old place and into their storage and kept me from having a nervous breakdown over the stench of pot smoke and dirty socks in my old hallway or the fact that some douche-stick poured like half a can of Rolling Rock into my bike helmet and then left it in the milk crate I have strapped to the back-tire rack.

Three guesses as to who THAT could have been.

Also, in spite of the fact that I HAVE NOT WORN FULL MAKEUP IN OVER THREE MONTHS I wound up teaching the renter how to do her makeup because it was Rupocalypse Weekend, so we’d all been watching drag queens for six hours. It seemed like the thing to do.

I do not own the Lady Bunny. She owns ME.

I got my sister to try a caper from my refrigerator-refugee box and she liked it.

Also, I introduced the boys to ginger as a cold remedy. Demonic refuses to try it because he has no idea what the hell ginger is and Dozer likes it. Dozer’s cough is getting better. Demonic’s is worsening, to which I’m going to tell him, “I TOLD YOU TO TRY IT, BOY.”

Ginger Water For Coughs and Upset Stomachs (for children. Add more ginger for adults unless you are a spice wuss like my sister.)

1 tsp. ground ginger, FRESH, not powdered. Grind by hand if you’re a champ, in the coffee grinder if you’re pressed for time, or scoop from the Trader Joe’s  jar if you’re lazy and me.

1 Tbsp. honey

1 coffee cup of simmering water

Steep all ingredients in coffee cup for ten minutes and pour over ice in a larger container. Add and dissolve ice until the mixture is lukewarm. I do this in a cocktail shaker. PARENTING.

Serve half a juice cup at a time, as needed, until symptoms abate. Colder is best for the nauseous patient.



And the final day at that! Thank God.

“Do you wanna take the trash down or leave it? It’s not like that dickhead’s gonna give you back your deposit.”

“I’ll take it down. I’m pissed off but it wouldn’t be decent to leave it.” But I sure as hell ain’t sweeping. Or mopping. And I don’t give a fuck if I tracked mud on the stairs.

I got a housekey to my sister’s, came home and watched more Rupocalypse, and at around six, my sister shoved me out the door and said, “Go do your homework!”  She is taping the rest of the hot tranny mess so we can watch it together later.


Ima cut you.

This is the dysfunctional cat.


5 thoughts on “Sunday Snippets: Moving, Rupocalypse, and My Mad Kitchen Skillz

  1. amossyrock says:

    Thought you’d like to meet our local drag queen favorite, Ms. Rebecca Havemeyer who hosts fabulous shows at the Alamo Drafthouse…
    Oh, and I lurve you, you know, I loave you, I loff you.

  2. Drag Mondays are back! HALLELU!!! ❤
    Also, thanks for the home ginger remedy! I love the stuff, but I never have an excuse to have any in the house, except in the form of bottled juice or fizzy "ales," both of which tend to be too sugary an avenue through which to ride the Ferrari that is the flavor of fresh ginger. Brill.

  3. Finch says:

    I’m going to second the gratitude for the ginger recipe. I’ve definitely heard about it before, but people don’t usually provide instructions. No instructions means I buy ginger, look at it in a confused manner, and then let my roommate use it.

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