Shout out to my Homies in Living Writers 455

What you are probably aware of (all my regular readers are my classmates) is that this blog is for school. occasionally, I post something here that has been assigned to me. I have never had a toilet-possum story assigned to me.

So, for my first blatantly assigned entry, I’m going to give a shout-out to four blogs that I’m going to start following, as well as why. I will post them in order of appearance on my radar.

Blog #1:

10 Years and Counting: One Mariner Fan’s Quest For Truth, Meaning, And a Return to the Postseason.

Let me make one thing clear: I HATE BASEBALL. However, this is a funny blog, and the background is the imploding Kingdome. Also, the writing style is engaging, the author’s attachment to his team, and his explanation thereof are all entertaining enough to keep me reading. Will I start to watch baseball because of this? It’ll be a cold day in hell. I’ll read the Blog instead, because it will be informative, smart, and funny.

This Blog can be reached by going to:

Blog # 2:


For about five years,I’ve been interested int he roller derby world, without ever having gone to so much as a meet. THis is because I keep meeting derby girls and they’re all interesting. In Hyperderby, we learn what motivates a woman tojoin derby. It’s a heartfelt, very personal account without being overly sentimental or whiny, and it’s completely relatable to me as an introvert living in the Northwest. it’s a newer Blog, still in its germinal stages, but I’m interested to see where it goes.

Hyperderby can be reached by going to :

Blog #3:

I Dream In Milligrams

This is something of a dream journal, which is authored by an insomniac whose medication gives her splendiferous visions of wonderment that she then illustrates in Microsoft Paint. NEED I SAY MORE?

This blog can be reached at:

And finally, for the budding film geek in me:

Blog #4:

Not Leslie Halliwell’s Reviews

A blog which appears to be dedicated to reviewing material that is either in the cinema or on the television. So far, reviews have included Protlandia, which I’ve been reccomended, and THe Rabbit Hole, which I hated. The voice here is concise, intelligent, and has attitiude, Plus, there’s an artistic scale allong with the entertainment scale.

It can be reached at:


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